Diamond Vu Agricultural Education Center

N5840 State Road 32, Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

A non-profit charitable organization dedicated to support hands-on agricultural education through programs and activities that help families gain an understanding of the essential role farming plays in our world, as well as the food choices they make every day.

Why Diamond Vu Agricultural Education Center

The Diamond Vu Agriculture Education Center (DVAEC), right outside of Sheboygan Falls, WI is developing a comprehensive program of “hands-on” agricultural learning experiences to be a destination for Sheboygan County, right on a working farm. The Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association states the average consumer is five generations removed from the farm, so it is imperative to teach people where their food comes from. The major outcome will be the increased knowledge of how farmers grow fresh agricultural products in eastern Wisconsin and their relationship to improved and healthy diets. Sheboygan County is a thriving tourism destination and an agricultural powerhouse. According to UW-Madison Extension, Sheboygan ranks near the top of the state’s dairy processing industry and is proud to be home to several major sausage makers. What better way to highlight an important industry in our community? With 15% of the nation’s cheese produced right here in Sheboygan County, why not highlight how the milk is produced to make the world-famous cheese? Diamond Vu is a partnership-driven organization and would strive to enhance and cross-market with other area businesses to promote our rich agricultural heritage.

Please contact Mike at 920-728-2906 to get involved.