2023 Downtown Pots

Downtown Planters

Below is the information as to what type of plants are in the pots, and how to take care of them.
Thank you all the businesses that are hosting a planter: Chamber-Main Street, between Curves, Bemis Bath Shop & Boutique, Bloomin on Broadway,
Union Home Mortgage, Shear America, Fasse Decorating Center, The Willowed Wren, Kager Barbershop, Edward Jones, Broadway Popcorn, Falls Firehouse Pizza,
Hair Graphics, The Sewing Machine Shop, Lindsay's Family Barber, and Kennedy Ford

1) Ray Petunia - Ray Petunia's versatility makes them a wise feature in planters and flower gardens. Create beautiful potted combinations and garden landscapes that will last all season with a canopy of trumpeting blossoms with one of the broadest spectrums of floral colors to choose from. Petunias are annual, and thus need to be planted every year.
Annual, Full Sun, Mounded Shape (does not tail), Space of 8-10", Height 6-10", Well Drained Soil

2) Seed Geranium - The use of seed in the common name merely indicates that they were grown from seed rather than from cuttings off a parent plant. In the past cutting grown was the best option for reliably high-quality geraniums. Now, there are many high-quality, modern series of seed-grown geraniums available. Seed geraniums have more numerous flowers, thus making them well suited for container planting.
Annual, Full Sun, Mounded Shape, Space of 40-12", Height of 12-14", Well Drained Soil

3) Lemon Grass - Lemongrass is an edible landscaping plant.  Yes, you can pick some and eat it.  The flavorful leaves and stalks of lemongrass are commonly used in Asian cuisine. The inner stalks are commonly used in cooking. The green leaves are used for making lemongrass tea. Its oils are also used as a natural pest repellent. Will planting lemongrass in your yard help repel mosquitoes? There’s only one way to find out!
Perennial, Full Sun, Space 10-12", Height of 3' in a container, 6' in the ground, Well Drained Soil

4) Sweet Alyssum - Few annual plants can match the heat and drought hardiness of sweet alyssum. The flowering plant has naturalized in the United States and thrives in a wide range of regions. Sweet alyssum flowers are so named for their lively fragrance and are members of the mustard family. While not frost-tolerant, sweet alyssum plants will self-sow. This bordering is either for design purposes or to attract beneficial insects to an edible garden. They attract hosts of pollinators as well, which boosts pollination for food production.
Annual, Full Sun, Space of 8-12", Height 3-6", Well Drained Soil

5) Sweet Potato Vine - Ornamental sweet potato vines are versatile plants that are equally suitable for filling outdoor containers, spilling over a wall, or covering ground in a landscape bed. They are also popular as indoor plants and can be grown inside year-round or just during winter. Like many rooting vines, they can be vigorous growers in the right conditions and may need frequent trimming to stay in check. The parts you trim back can be used to propagate the plant elsewhere.
Annual in Wisconsin, Full Sun, Space of 5-12", Height 8-10", Well Drained Soil

Thank you to Diamond Vu Agricultural Education Center, N5840 State Hwy 32, Sheboygan Falls for their assistance in picking the plants, planting, nurturing the planters, putting them out downtown, and providing the above plant information.